Monday, November 21, 2011

Gros Ventre reveal

I had the great fortune to spend 16 days of eye bending beauty camping in the Grand Tetons
and Yellowstone. The experience was a solo moving and grounding moment.I want to thank
my good friend Bud Fields for talking
me in to going. He had been after me for three years.
I only can say I'm glad he is so persistent. Thank You - Thank- You- Thank You

The painting above is not a panoramic of the Tetons but there are several in the works.
This painting was part
of the Gros Ventre River next to our camp ground. There alone a
paintings in every other step, again just incredible.

I can only hope to capture the feelings I have for this experience in the
paintings that will come from my first visit.


Eric Bowman said...

Nice one Mike -- I like the water handling. Look forward to seeing more.

Kevin Weaver said...

Awesome painting Mike, and it was even more spectacular seeing it in person in your studio the other day! Youre doing some amazing work my friend!

Diana Moses Botkin said...

Lovely work here! This one is especially lively.