Monday, July 11, 2011

Green Rock Ridge

8x10 sketch
Oil on Panel

The painting above was the done at the last leg of another great trip to central Oregon.
Our gracious host Dave and Kendra went out and beyond to make sure we well taken care of.
Dave invites several artist a year along with some of his best friends to camp out on their
property.The mix of folks make for some great story telling and a lot of kidding around.

This years line up of artist made for a lot of slap stick buffoonery.

Mitch Baird ,Terry Lee , Mike Rangner, Bud Fields, Eric Jacobson,Ken Roth

Again a great big thank you to Dave and Kendra for a great time and Dave's friend Mike for the off the wall chili.

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Kevin Weaver said...

Great picture Mike! 6 of the greatest artists I know and also 6 of the nicest people I know!