Thursday, May 12, 2011

Rock Salt

Oil on Canvas

At the end of April I went to the coast to check on our cabin and was excited to find a great
day to paint. After doing some maintenance I set out to do some small sketches and came across this view. I like the image so well I developed it in the studio painting above.
I love the ocean and can't help but want to sit and watch it all day long.Some times I think It's
more important to just soak things in and let the surroundings take you over. Just adding more feelings and sense of place to add to my work.


Rachel Harvey said...

beautiful, Mike.

Kevin Weaver said...

This is a STUNNING painting Mike! Absolutely incredible piece my friend, keep up the good work!

Jacobsen Studio said...

Great painting Mike! Love the way you handled the water. Nice values too!

Eric Bowman said...

Nice one Mike -- like the way the dominant light focuses on the main rock.

Michael Orwick, Orwick Arts said...

Great job, nailed this one for sure.